September 3, 2021

Cedarfield’s 25th Anniversary Celebration Planned for Sept. 23-24

Celebration includes various events for residents and team members, a new scholarship fund for employees, and a new on-campus history exhibit.

To celebrate Cedarfield’s 25th anniversary, we are planning a private three-day extravaganza for residents and team members in September 2021.

While the community has hosted a variety of events and special programs throughout the year to commemorate the milestone, on Sept. 23-24 we are pulling out all the stops!

The celebration starts with a Legacy Elegant Dinner for residents on Sept. 23. Earlier in the day, we will host a Team Member Celebration from 11:30 a.m. – 3 p.m. featuring food and dessert trucks, a T-shirt printing station, games, and a DJ.

The celebration culminates on Sept. 24 with a campus-wide music festival for residents from 1:45-8:30 p.m. Live music acts will be featured at various locations throughout campus during the day with a 6 p.m. grand finale performance by Kings of Swing.

Cedarfield is also unveiling a new permanent history exhibit on campus as part of the celebration. The exhibit is a 10-panel visual installation that tells the story of the history and lifestyle of Cedarfield through the past 25 years. The project is directed by a group of Cedarfield residents, including Charlie Bryan, the former CEO of the Virginia Museum of History & Culture, who is leading the design and installation.

As an additional part of the community’s year-long silver celebration, Cedarfield has established a scholarship fund to provide financial assistance to team members who want to grow professionally through additional education. Residents and management designed the program and funds have been donated by residents, resident families, and friends of Cedarfield. In 2021, nine team members received scholarships to help further their careers at Cedarfield.