October 14, 2014

Cedarfield Special Care Center

Caring for a loved one with an advanced dementia disease (such as Alzheimer’s) can be overwhelming to families and friends. Statistically, a person with    Alzheimer’s disease will live an average of eight years and as many as 20 or more years from the onset of symptoms. Eventually, 24-hour personal care    may be required, whether in the private home or in a community.

Cedarfield’s Special Care Center is a very unique place, designed and created as a safe and nurturing home for individuals with    Alzheimer’s disease or other dementia. Each of the 23 private rooms include a spacious full bath and scenic view. Family photos, keepsakes and furnishings    help to provide a personal retreat for every person who calls Special Care home.

Cedarfield currently has limited availability in the Special Care Center. If you, or if you know someone facing challenges caring for a loved one, perhaps    we can help. Please contact Cedarfield Marketing at (804) 968-5520 for more information.