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Our new Pathways to Wellness building is open featuring spaces to enhance wellness and stimulate creativity. Cedarfield residents are enjoying the Natatorium with areas for lap swimming, and aquatic exercise, aerobic studio, spacious gym with areas for weight training and fitness, and new creative arts studio with spaces to create whether their chosen medium is watercolor, pottery or fused glass.

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Pathways to Wellness

How does one describe “wellness?”

A healthy lifestyle leaves you fit, energetic and at reduced risk for disease. Good nutrition, daily exercise and adequate sleep are the foundations for continuing good health. But it’s more than that. Managing stress in positive ways, keeping your mind active and keeping your creative juices flowing are all components of Cedarfield’s Pathways to Wellness.

Ten components form a pathway to healthy living:

A Healthy Body

Being healthy and staying strong is something we all strive for. Taking care of our bodies comes easy at Cedarfield. With numerous fitness classes both on land and in the water, personal training, our fitness center and balance programs, residents are given the opportunity maintain their individual fitness level in a group or an individual basis.

Creative Expression

Oil painting, woodworking, water colors, clay and pottery, crafts, photography — are only a few of the programs which we offer to provide residents with the opportunity of creative expression. Under the guidance of specially trained professional staff, residents are encouraged to explore new hidden talents, or nurture lifelong passions.

Intellectual Growth

The quest for knowledge is something that we never lose, and at Cedarfield, residents thrive on the opportunity to do so. Various programs offer participants avenues for continual intellectual growth. Trips to museums, focus group lecturers, book clubs, travel logs, computer and tablet classes, partnerships with local colleges and universities are just a few ways to help those interested in the chance to grow.


Finding inspiration and maintaining an inner peace with regards to happiness, and spiritual practice is essential for personal wellbeing. Many opportunities for such exploration are offered on a regular basis for residents to be involved: Weekly worship services, healing services, Bible study groups, lecture series, and much more.

Emotional Balance

Achieving emotional balance can be explored through involvement in some of the following programs that we provide: Resident Support Groups, Yoga, Tai Chi, Pet Therapy, Nature Trails.

Community Outreach

The practice of volunteering a person’s time or talents for charitable, educational, or other worthwhile activities, especially in one’s community is prevalent all around us at Cedarfield. Whether you choose to be involved in an outside volunteer endeavor, or to participate in the Cedarfield, Resident Council, Knitters’ Group, or Medical Escort Program, the possibilities are endless.

Dining, Diet, and Nutrition

Diet and nutritional content are components to overall good healthy eating habits. Knowing what to eat, how to prepare and cook, and how to make healthy choices are key factors in maintaining your weight and being healthy. Cooking classes, “Ask an Expert” sessions, all lend support to your good health. Read More

Social Connections

Social Connections offers opportunities to meet new people, reduce stress, improve social or communication skills, and most important to have fun. Entertainment, trips and outings, game nights, movies and parties are just some of the social opportunities we offer. Residents also arrange events of a social nature on their own.

Brain Fitness

The term brain fitness reflects a hypothesis that cognitive abilities can be maintained or improved by exercising the brain. Using parts of the brain that are out of practice or daily cognition exercise can help maintain your functioning level. Piano lessons, Spanish classes, Jeopardy and word games all help to keep your mind working sharply.


This pathway encompasses the many meanings of cultivate: gardening; practicing stewardship of the land and its inhabitants; developing new skills and following passions; expanding knowledge; nourishing friendships and community; promoting health; and feeding the body and soul.

“The variety and uniqueness of choices developed by the staff and their mentors are certainly challenging my stamina and my ability to prioritize! Something exciting and enticing to do every day! I want to do everything!!”

– Cedarfield resident –