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Cedarfield Residences
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Enjoy Your Independence

You have to “physically walk in the door” if you want to move to Cedarfield.

As part of a 7 Myths program presented by Cedarfield to better educate the public about what is true, and…what is simply a myth when it comes to retirement communities, being able to walk in the door is still a difficult myth to “bust.”

In the old days, it was true that if a person used any assistive device at all to “get them through the door,” they were pretty much out of luck. Today, you will discover that every retirement community has its own definition of what Independent Living is, including how mobility/assistive devices are factored in.

It is still very true, however, that to move to Independent Living at Cedarfield, a person needs to be in reasonable good health, both physically and cognitively, and able to care for him or herself without assistance from another person. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • medication management
  • meal preparation
  • walking independently
  • demonstrating the ability to use mobility devices safely

Cedarfield evaluates every prospective resident on an individual basis to determine eligibility for a Lifecare or Preferred Choice Residency Agreement for Independent Living. Each person must meet all of the required criteria in order to be approved. This includes health and functional criteria and a complete review of financial information.

For more information about Independent Living at Cedarfield, contact the Marketing Department at (804) 968 5520.