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Frequently Asked Questions

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Cedarfield has a Priority List designed for those who are interested in moving to Cedarfield in the future. A fully refundable $1,000 deposit (single or couple) secures a position for obtaining a residence. Your date of deposit determines your place on the Priority List; however, it does not guarantee admission to Cedarfield.

Whether you choose the Lifecare or Preferred Choice agreement, to enter Independent Living at Cedarfield, each person must be able to live independently and be in relatively good health with no conditions that are likely to require long-term care in the near future. Additionally, financial resources should be sufficient to allow an enjoyable lifestyle.

Cedarfield requires that all residents carry Medicare and a Medicare Supplement policy or equivalent. As a federal medical health insurance program, Medicare will help defray costs associated with physicians and hospital stays; however, Cedarfield is not a certified Medicare health care center, so your Medicare benefits will not cover the monthly cost of your stay in Health Services.

A part of Lifecare means that there will be no increase in your monthly service fee when you move to any area of health services – short term or long term. Yet this type of insurance could be beneficial. It is suggested you consult with your insurance provider before making decisions regarding your individual policy.

Cedarfield team members provide services to residents in many ways: through direct care and “behind the scenes.” Therefore, team members do not accept gifts or tips from residents or family members. The Cedarfield Resident Association funds an annual Employee Gift Campaign, to show appreciation to all team members (Executive Team is not included) and the excellent service provided throughout the year.

Cedarfield has no formal written dress code.

Cedarfield is a pet-friendly community. Dogs are currently permitted to live only on the first floor of the apartment building and in all the cottages. Cats are welcomed in all apartments and cottages.

Lifecare guarantees the resident an independent living residence, services and amenities, and priority access to all areas of health services. The resident’s monthly service fee does not increase when a move to health services takes place – whether temporary or permanent – Preferred Choice is a fee-for-service plan. Combined with a lower entrance fee and monthly service fee, as well as a choice in monthly service plans, it also guarantees the resident an independent living residence, services, and amenities. The resident will have access to health services upon availability.

There are two guest rooms to accommodate residents’ guests. Breakfast in the Atrium Café is included in the daily fee.

Step into the new 493 Design Center! This is where the “magic” begins as you make your selections for your new home. Your creative design is only as limited as you want it to be. With the assistance of the Marketing Coordinator, you have many choices offered by Cedarfield. Note: Additional costs for upgrades may be applicable.

Do you still have questions about Cedarfield? Contact the Marketing Department today.