December 11, 2020

The Christmas Birthday Cake

Christmas was a very special time when I was a child, and still is today. I was one of six children, and a few days before Christmas, we would go looking for the perfect tree. We had some store-bought ornaments and lights, but we liked to make special ornaments. We all helped decorate the tree, but sometimes had different ideas as to where an ornament should be placed. It was a time of waiting for the Christ child. I loved the Christmas story and the music.

I always received a doll and a book for Christmas. One year, my book was my very own Bible, and that was a very special gift indeed. My mother would read my Bible to me and helped me memorize some of the Psalms. I still have the Bible.

It was also a special time in our family because Christmas Eve was my mother’s birthday. We always had a wonderful family dinner with a beautiful and delicious birthday cake that had been specially ordered for the occasion because we were celebrating two birthdays—Jesus’ and my mother’s.

I still remember the dinners and how special the time was when we were all together. I still feel the love that I felt as a child. And as an adult I still have the wonderful memory of celebrating two birthdays at Christmas.

The best gift is being loved by your family and keeping the tradition of family togetherness alive for future generations!

Joan Tipton, Resident