July 8, 2015

Person-Centered Care: Exactly What is It?

A lot of talk is going around these days about person-centered care. Its not a new concept, but one that has been slow to take off, especially in nursing    homes.

Person-centered care focuses on the individual needs and desires of each resident, rather than institutional processes designed after hospital models,    with strict schedules and no choices. However, with person-centered care, a resident chooses when he wants to get up in the morning, rather than being    told when to rise. A resident has his morning cup of coffee, maybe while reading his newspaper in the privacy of his room, enjoying the quiet – just    like he did at home.

Cedarfield has begun to move away from the traditional institutional method of care and is implementing the person-centered care philosophy in the health    care center. Staff from all departments are currently training, by attending classes and in-service programs, to learn this new concept and how to    provide individual resident-driven care. It’s an exciting time for everyone! Watch out for more news to come.