October 9, 2020

From the Desk of Michael Shaw, Executive Director

NEXT YEAR — On September 3, 2021, Richmond, VA Life Plan Community, Cedarfield, will be 25 years young.  So in grand Cedarfield fashion, we are planning a year-long celebration with monthly events from now until then.  On October 19, 2020, we will kick off this year-long celebration with a socially distant Fall Festival.

Anniversaries are a time to observe the reality of the moment.  They offer a chance to reflect on the past, celebrate the present and embrace the future.

Honor the past…
While Cedarfield will be 25 years young, our foundational roots of Pinnacle Living, has been established in Virginia since 1948. And that foundation’s commitment equates to a very high standard of personal attention.  

Celebrate the present…
Team members go the extra mile every single day to provide services and programs enhancing the quality of life for all residents.  In turn, the residents provide the heart, soul, and purpose which continues to make Cedarfield the much talked about community it is today.

Embrace the future…
While a lot has changed since those early years, our dedication to serving residents and helping team members learn and grow has not.  We will continue to create ways to strengthen engagement for residents and team members.