December 10, 2020

Following the Bells

On December 22, 2019, my husband, Jimmy, and I had been at Cedarfield exactly four months. This was the day of the Christmas Party in the Fellowship Hall for residents and team members, and we had missed it due to being called out for an emergency. About 4:00 that afternoon, I heard the faintest sound of bells and Christmas carols. I opened the door thinking it was the Fellowship Hall, but it was in the other direction. In my bare feet, Jimmy and I followed the sound of the bells to my next-door neighbor, Jane Scott’s, doorway. There was a small, exquisite carousel playing, “I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day.” People passed down the hall, and we smiled at each other.

We stayed and listened to the beautiful, joyous bells and thought about how blessed we were. The carousel plays fourteen different Christmas carols. For a little Christmas cheer, follow the sound on the third floor near the Atrium to Jane’s doorway and listen for a minute.

Betty Mann, Resident