December 16, 2019

Dan the Pony

In Cedarfield tradition, the Pastoral Care Team created this compilation of holiday memoirs by team members and residents. We will share one a day through the holidays. Happy Holidays to you and yours!

Alexis Scott, Team Member

When I was four years old, it rained on Christmas. It was downrightdreary and Christmas, I had decided, was not supposed to be dreary.It was simply not what Christmas should have been. My parentsalways went all out during the holidays—a big breakfast and lots of decorations.

After all the Christmas presents had been opened, and I was still feeling a littlelet down by a dreary Christmas, my parents told me they had one more surprisefor me. I remember my mother picking me up and taking me to the door. As myfather opened the door, I buried my face in my mother’s hair because it was stillraining. We went outside and standing in my backyard was a pony!

It still makes me cry when I think of that moment. The beauty and magic ofChristmas came shining through in that instant. I hold so many special memoriesof riding my pony, who was named Dan, after an uncle who had passed away. Myearliest memories all include Dan the pony. This ignited a life-long love of horses.I learned from this experience that when things don’t turn out the way you expect,just wait.

When it rains on Christmas these days, I just smile with my heart full of love,and I remember Dan the pony and how he changed my life.