December 9, 2020

Christmas at Matrosa Farm

While growing up, I spent many happy summers with my cousins at my aunt’s farmhouse in Concord, Virginia. Though we spent many summers there, we never went there for Christmas. As time moved on, my cousins and I had all grown up, married, and had children of our own. My aunt’s generation had all died, and a decision was made to sell the farmhouse. My cousins and I decided to spend one Christmas together at the farm. We agreed to arrive on Christmas Eve, each bringing food and decorations. It began to snow when we arrived and continued to snow throughout Christmas Day. It was such a beautiful sight and made this Christmas seem so perfect.

We gathered around the tree and shared stories of our loved ones and our experiences at the farm. The farm had always been a gathering place for us. We honored the memory of those who had gone before us to make this a special place for us.

Kent Rowe, Resident