December 19, 2020

An Impromptu Musical Moment

This story is about my daughter, Bonnie Meyer, who happens to be musically inclined. When she was 17 years old, she was singing in the church choir and was called to do a special solo with her guitar. Right before the service started that evening, the minister had requested that she do the first verse before his sermon and the second verse after the sermon. It was a new song — an old Polish hymn that they had just learned for that occasion.

She sang the first verse just before the sermon as requested, after which the pastor delivered his sermon. She came forward with her guitar to start the second verse. The organist started to accompany her while she strummed her guitar.

Unfortunately, she forgot the melody and could not begin the song, although she had the words and chords right in front of her. She came up with the brilliant idea to make up her own melody, which she did!

Apparently only two persons caught wind of it, a choir member, and the organist. The choir member asked, “Did we learn that song before? I couldn’t recall it.” The organist jokingly said to her, “I have never heard those words and music before. I haven’t seen any old Poles in the audience so I don’t think anybody noticed.”

This has been a delightful memory for us especially because she eventually became a performer.

Marjorie Meyer, Resident