December 20, 2020

A Bedtime Call from Santa

My older brother’s birthday is December 3rd. After his birthday we just knew that Christmas was soon to come. My dad was a baker, so he had to go to work at night during the holidays to get orders

filled. We were left at home with our mom, who would be busy with laundry and ironing and didn’t have much time to attend to us. My two brothers and I would gather every night running around the house playing and having fun because we had so much adrenaline. My mother thought we would never go to bed.

To get us to calm down, my mom would call her mother to get my Uncle Kenneth to call each one of us, pretending to be Santa. He would tell us to calm down and get to bed or else he would not deliver any Christmas gifts to us. He had a deep voice and sounded like Santa, so we believed he was. It worked! We settled down so Santa would keep us on his list.

John Dvorak, Resident