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Cedarfield community life
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Community Life Programs

Whether you become involved in all aspects of our retirement community life, or you pick and choose what’s right for you, there is truly something for everyone at Cedarfield. Neighbors get to know neighbors, and lasting friendships are formed through the many social activities, organized programs and events held weekly. Join a club, take a class, volunteer, or just enjoy a relaxing dinner with friends. The choices are endless when it comes to senior living at this vibrant community.


You can have it all. Cedarfield offers a wide variety of scheduled trips, both local and overnight, for residents to enjoy. Different trip levels allow our residents to choose the outings that would suit their physical needs.

Programs and Activities

There are many programs and activities to keep residents involved, whether it’s continuing with old hobbies or discovering new talents, there is truly something for everyone. Be as involved as you want – the choice is yours. An array of programs and activities are developed each day with you in mind. Art classes, multi- level fitness opportunities, trips and excursions, lectures, professional entertainment – your day can be as full as you let it.

Community Communications

Residents receive The Informer, a Wellness and Leisure’s monthly newsletter which provides an overview of all things you don’t want to miss.

Weekly Updates are also sent out every week to provide reminders for scheduled events, as well as anything new that’s been added that did not make the monthly Informer.

The Informer