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Cedarfield Person-Centered Value Statement

We value the importance of putting the meaning of home back into our community and are committed to the hard work involved in education and training to enable a culture change to occur. We are dedicated to creating an environment which fosters meaningful relationships between residents and employees, and empowers them to have choices and make decisions that provide purpose to their individual lives.

Putting home back into the community

Person-Centered places the emphasis on the individual needs and desires of each resident, rather than institutional practices designed after hospital models requiring strict schedules and few choices.

Residents make most choices about their daily routines. These choices range from what to wear, what activities they want to be involved in, to how aggressively they want to manage their health conditions.

For example, a health care resident chooses when he wants to get up in the morning, rather than being told when to rise; or, the resident enjoys his first cup of coffee in the morning, perhaps while reading his newspaper in the privacy of his room, enjoying the quiet – just like he did at home.

Cedarfield has already begun to move away from the traditional method of institutional care and has implemented the Person-Centered philosophy in the existing health care center in preparation for the new construction of the Household Model design planned for its new health care center.