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About Cedarfield Retirement Community
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Lifecare & Preferred Choice


Pinnacle Living offers a Lifecare residency agreement at Cedarfield. Lifecare usually defines the financial arrangements under which services are provided in a residency agreement. Lifecare means exactly what it says: residency and long-term care for life.

Through the Lifecare Program at Cedarfield, a range of services are provided — should the need arise – with no additional cost to the monthly service fee. Three areas of Health Services cater to each resident’s unique needs: Assisted Living; Special Care (Memory Support); and Health Care. Lifecare residents receive tax benefits as a result of their investment in Cedarfield.

Everyone who wants to live at Cedarfield must meet the financial qualifications as well as health and functional criteria to be considered for Lifecare. There is a one-time Entrance Fee that is due upon entering Cedarfield. The amount of this fee is based on the size of the residence.

Resident enjoying CCRC benefits

The Preferred Choice Agreement is a fee-for-service residency agreement, designed for those individuals who have long-term care insurance or choose to self-insure. The agreement guarantees an independent living residence, residential services and amenities, and access to all health services – assisted living, memory support and health care, based on availability.

The monthly fees and Entrance Fees are considerably less than Lifecare; however, the monthly fee will increase to the posted daily rate should there be a move to assisted living, memory support or health care.

Entrance Fees

Cedarfield residents pay a one-time Entrance Fee when entering Independent Living. Entrance Fees are based on the size of the residence and number of occupants (single/couple). Entrance fees for Lifecare and Preferred Choice agreements are different.

If you are interested in moving to Cedarfield in the future, the first step is to place your name(s) on the Priority List. A position on this list may be secured with a $1,000 deposit (single or couple) and completion of a registration form. This deposit is fully refundable should you decide to remove your name, or it may be applied to your Entrance Fee when you are approved for residency. The Priority List deposit does not guarantee entrance to Cedarfield.