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Cedar Woods Health Care Center

Our recently finished Household for the new Cedar Woods Health Care Center allows for greater emphasis on engaging residents individually by helping them continue their life pursuits as opposed to making them fit the mold of a traditional nursing home, with lengthy hospital-like corridors.

Our Person-Centered approach is to shape it into a personal community, household, and neighborhood. As a result, our new Health Care Center features two Households which allow for 20 residents on each floor. Every resident will enjoy: 

  • A spacious private bedroom with built-in storage and a large window seat
  • Full bath with Cambria countertops and drawers for storage

Each room is situated off of the private living areas — just like home. The Household features a fully functioning kitchen where residents can be involved with meal preparation if they choose. The beauty of having a kitchen within each Household is that alternative food is accessible to residents 24 hours a day…and fridge raiding is encouraged!

In addition, each Household features spacious living rooms and dining rooms designed for family gatherings or group activities for those who wish to participate. Easy access to the outdoors was a very important component of the new design, making it possible for residents to enjoy time outside on our lovely campus on a regular basis.

Personalized Care

Whether you require a short-term recuperative stay, or a more permanent, long-term arrangement, there are times when nursing support is needed. Cedarfield’s licensed nursing personnel provide nurturing, individualized care, and services for residents 24/7.

Life At Cedar Woods

The current Cedar Woods Health Care Center offers a comfortable place to heal. Our facilities include: 

  • 56 furnished private rooms with full bathrooms and two semi-private rooms
  • Beautiful common areas to promote relaxation and recovery
  • A well-stocked library
  • Two spacious dining rooms
  • An open living room for mingling with other residents 
  • A specific room for events and programs 


Cedarfield is not a participating Medicare provider. Medicare benefits will not cover any part of the monthly fee for a stay in Health Services. Physicians, rehabilitation services, and medications are billed through service agencies who are participating providers of Medicare.

For more information about availability at Cedar Woods Health Care Center, please contact us at (804) 968 5520.