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Enriching Life’s Journey

Cedarfield construction rendering
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Community Expansion

Cedarfield Expansion in the news Check out our LIVE Construction Cameras

Birds Eye View of our Expansion

Grand Opening Celebration

Phase One is complete with 7 new spaces


A Promenade complete with comfortable seating, lots of natural light and coffee bar.

Expansion Grand Opening

Grand Opening of the Promenade, Cedar Grill and Pub 2300

Expansion Hallway

The Promenade

The Cedar Grill: Watch our Chefs prepare your meal, enjoy pizza prepared just for you, choose from an amazing display of desserts, or prepare a salad from a beautifully displayed bar.

Cedar Grill Sign

Welcome to the Cedar Grill

Cedar Grill Wide View

Dessert Station

Cedar Grill Desserts

Sweet Choices

Expansion Dining Area

Cedar Grill Choices

Expansion Orange Room


Enjoy your beverage of choice in Pub 2300. Relax at a table with friends or pull up a seat at the bar and marvel at the beautiful mosaic tile. Enjoy!!

Expansion Pub 2300

Pub 2300

Expansion Seating Area

Comfortably Elegant

New Home for Genesis Rehab

Physical Therapy Space

Physical Therapy Space

Occupational Therapy Space

Occupational Therapy Space

New Team Dining Space

Relaxing Break Area for Team Members

Relaxing Break Area for Team Members

Team Dining Space

Team Dining Space

Complete with Massage Chairs

Complete with Massage Chairs

Two New Office Suites for Human Resources, Maintenance and Facilities Management

Construction Happening Now

Pathways to Wellness Building

  • Spaces for lap swimming, aquatic exercise and a spa
  • Aerobic studio for various exercise classes
  • Fitness and weight training room
  • Large creative arts studio
Rendering of the Pathways to Wellness Building

Rendering of the Pathways to Wellness Building

A below-ground gallery will connect Independent Living to the new Pathways to Wellness Building, and an above ground connector will link to the newly expanded and renovated dining venues.

Independent Living building

  • 27 new apartments
  • Open floor plans
  • Patios, some with a sunroom, and a select few have both
  • Parking space in the dedicated first floor parking garage
Final Exterior Rendering of IL Apartments

Rendering of new Independent Living Wing

Breaking Ground Fall 2018

Health Care Center – Household Model Design

Two floors: twenty private rooms on each floor to include comfortable living spaces with kitchens, dining rooms, and access to exterior open porches.

Household living view

Rendering of Household Living Space

Household unit view

Rendering Household Accomodation

Did you know that the original nursing homes were designed after hospitals?

In the new Household Model design planned for the new health care center, there will be no more long lengthy hospital-like corridors, allowing little privacy for residents. The Person-Centered approach effect on a “nursing home” is to shape it into a personal community, a household, a neighborhood.

Cedarfield’s new health care center will have two households which allows for 20 residents in each household. Every resident will enjoy a spacious private bedroom and full bath, and each room will be situated off of the private living areas, just like home.

Each household will be designed with a fully functioning kitchen where residents can be involved with meal preparation if they choose. The beauty of having a kitchen within each household is that alternative food is accessible to residents 24 hours a day… and fridge raiding is encouraged! It’s easier to want to eat when you can have what you want, when you want it!

Spacious living rooms and dining rooms in each household will be designed for family gatherings or group activities for those who wish to participate. Easy access to outdoors will be a very important component to the new design, making it possible for residents to enjoy time outside on a regular basis.