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Spoiled Rotten

December 19, 2019

In Cedarfield tradition, the Pastoral Care Team created this compilation of holiday memoirs by team members and residents. We will share one a day through the holidays. Happy Holidays to you and yours!

Sylvia Schmidt, Resident

I was the youngest in a family of three girls; my two big sisters were fourteen and fifteen years older than I. We spent a lot of time together in those days, which was easy to do in our little two-bedroom house in Portsmouth. We even shared the same bed!

It was noted more than once that my big sisters were spoiling me rotten. And as much fun as that was, apparently it became a bit of a problem, which is why one year at Christmas, instead of the usual nuts and fruit in the toe of my stocking, I woke up early to find I had gotten—SWITCHES! Message received.

I found out later my sister who was 14 years older did it. Although it upset me that day, eventually it became such a fun memory. And I’ve never forgotten how much I loved those two big sisters.

“Within these days of early winter
is disappearance of the familiar world,
of all that grows and thrives,
of color and freshness,
of hope in survival.

Then there comes a moment of softness amid the bleak,
a gift of grace and beauty,
a glance of sunlight on a snowy hillside,
a covering of low cloud puffs in the valley,
a moon lit landscape,
and I know the known world is still within my grasp
because you have hold of me.”
–Emily Polis Gibson

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