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Christmas 2020

December 12, 2020

I was a child in the 40’s, during the heat of World War II, and grew up in a household with my parents, grandparents, a maiden aunt, and a younger brother. Our church’s Christmas festivities were a special highlight each year. A favorite memory is always the Christmas Pageant that my entire family attended together where little girls portraying angels wore these beautiful, feathery angel wings.

But, the thing I (and probably my younger brother) looked forward to the most was that we got the first gift of the Christmas season at the church’s Christmas party. At the party, all the children received a gift of a box of candy. It was hard candy, but the inside was gooey and chewy. What made this gift so very special was that we never had candy because it was RATIONED due to the war.

Betsy Gottwald, Resident

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