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Cedarfield Celebrates Mission

April 11, 2018

By Michael Shaw Executive Director

Think about those brands that you purchase from over and over, even when there are cheaper options out there. Do you usually fly on a particular airline? Do you buy your coffee from the same place every morning? Do you recommend a specific restaurant whenever out-of-towners ask for suggestions? Have you ever seen the t shirts with “Life is Good”…Life is Good: “To spread the power of optimism” is their mission statement. A new grocery market has come to town called Publix. Publix: “Where Shopping is a Pleasure” is their mission statement. Many mission statements succumb to an overuse of words in general, but especially jargon. Good mission statements are clear, concise, inspiring and useful.

Cedarfield’s mission statement clearly communicates what it is that we do. We celebrate our Cedarfield Mission Statement in April. We live our Mission Statement by Enriching Life’s Journey. The Cedarfield residents and team members are the life of our community. Each has started a journey with many stories to share, and we are here to celebrate and walk with them as they continue their journey. Whether by sharing a milestone event, such as an anniversary or birthday, or a common daily event like a cup of coffee, every moment matters.

As a not-for-profit, faith inspired, mission driven organization called Cedarfield, we exist to better the lives of our residents and team members. We are God’s people Serving God’s people inspired and called upon to serve the needs of our residents, families and team members. Through twenty two years of experience, we have learned that our best service is through focusing on the person, the whole person. Each person’s independence and autonomy are key to happiness and a life well lived, no matter what level of living they may call home. Ask yourself, “What can I do today to Enrich the Life of one person?” When you do, you will be blessed with amazing fulfillment.

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