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Cedarfield Cases of Love Suitcase Drive

December 18, 2015

How many pieces of luggage do YOU have in your garage or attic? Is there a Barbie or Spiderman backpack hidden in a closet, long forgotten by your child, never to be used again? How can these items be put to good use once more?

Cases of Love SuitcasesIt’s called Cases of Love. Through the month of November, residents and staff worked together to collect over 130 gently-used suitcases, duffle bags, carry-on bags and backpacks for donation to various local shelters, foster care agencies and Virginia United Methodist Family Services. Just imagine someone with no home, moving from shelter to shelter with only a plastic trash bag to carry their clothes and most prized possessions. This collection drive provided a great opportunity to put these suitcases and bags “back in service.”

Additionally, Cedarfield collected and donated more than 100 reusable grocery and tote bags to a local food pantry to use in carrying items home.

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