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Our Special Christmas Tree

December 16, 2020

My father wanted to be an architect, but he had to drop out of college to help take care of his sick mother. He ended up running the family hardware store instead. My parents were married during the Depression, and I remember them collecting ideas for their “Dream House” for years as I was growing …Read More…

Heaven Can Wait

December 15, 2020

Christmas evokes special, lifelong memories for me of my mom simply because it was her very favorite time of the year. We all called her Mimi, the name my son had given her. She could not wait to put up the holiday trees, decorated so beautifully—usually three plus one “Charlie Brown” tree outside on the …Read More…

Letters From Santa

December 14, 2020

For many years on Christmas morning, my daughter, Madison, received a personalized letter from Santa. By the time she joined our family, my employer had been writing a Santa letter to his granddaughter for a couple of years. He had closely followed Madison’s adoption journey throughout 1998, and that year he surprised us both with …Read More…

Just Call Me Mrs. Santa

December 13, 2020

After my husband had open-heart surgery, he decided not to shave so that he wouldn’t have to worry with blood thinners. Soon his beard had grown out fully, and he returned to work. His co-workers were simply thrilled to see his new beard and told him that he would make a perfect Santa Claus at …Read More…

Christmas 2020

December 12, 2020

I was a child in the 40’s, during the heat of World War II, and grew up in a household with my parents, grandparents, a maiden aunt, and a younger brother. Our church’s Christmas festivities were a special highlight each year. A favorite memory is always the Christmas Pageant that my entire family attended together …Read More…

The Christmas Birthday Cake

December 11, 2020

Christmas was a very special time when I was a child, and still is today. I was one of six children, and a few days before Christmas, we would go looking for the perfect tree. We had some store-bought ornaments and lights, but we liked to make special ornaments. We all helped decorate the tree, …Read More…

Following the Bells

December 10, 2020

On December 22, 2019, my husband, Jimmy, and I had been at Cedarfield exactly four months. This was the day of the Christmas Party in the Fellowship Hall for residents and team members, and we had missed it due to being called out for an emergency. About 4:00 that afternoon, I heard the faintest sound …Read More…

Christmas at Matrosa Farm

December 9, 2020

While growing up, I spent many happy summers with my cousins at my aunt’s farmhouse in Concord, Virginia. Though we spent many summers there, we never went there for Christmas. As time moved on, my cousins and I had all grown up, married, and had children of our own. My aunt’s generation had all died, …Read More…

Christmas Then and Now

December 8, 2020

When my grandfather was a young man, he went hunting with Buffalo Bill and shot a moose. The moose head hung in his dining room above the buffet. Every year we went to his place for Christmas dinner, which was a very formal affair of turkey with chestnut dressing served on a silver platter by …Read More…

Tall Santa

December 7, 2020

I remember when I was growing up that our family had a wonderful tradition of gathering at midnight on Christmas Eve to receive presents from Santa. My father was one of five boys, and they were all very tall. We had a large extended family and valued gathering together, especially during the holidays. Each year, …Read More…